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Will Supreme Court Slap Down Ludicrous Appeals Court Ruling?

If the appeal were to stand, it would effectively undermine detectives in their investigations. It also threatens to undermine convictions throughout the state by providing convicted offenders with a legal basis to challenge their convictions. Is there any doubt that Chicago’s powerful anti-police law firms that score millions of dollars claiming police misconduct and constitutional violations aren’t drooling at such a prospect? 

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Offender or Victim?

Despite the homophobic verbal attacks, the officer and her girlfriend repeatedly walked away from the man, who, they say, became more and more intoxicated and aggressive throughout the evening, according to her lawyer. The verbal attacks by the man became so bad that even the officer’s father told the man to cease making the statements. 

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COPA Cover-up?

Attorneys for the FOP alleged Monday that the city’s police oversight agency, COPA, deliberately hid the opinion of their own expert exonerating a police officer for a fatal police shooting.  

FOP attorneys for Robert Rialmo—who is faced with losing his job after COPA ruled that his shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and an innocent bystander, Bettie Jones, was not justified—argued that a use-of-force expert hired by a law firm working for COPA stated in an email that the expert believed the shooting was justified. 

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City-Hired Attorneys Defend Former Detective Boudreau, Attack Innocence Petition 

Obtaining a certificate of innocence is crucial in transforming convicted killers and rapists into multimillionaire folk heroes at the expense of hardworking detectives and police officers. The reason is that once a certificate of innocence is granted to someone like Day, it is far more difficult to contest the federal lawsuit against the detectives that inevitably takes shape soon after the once-convicted offender is released. 

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Chicago Media and PTSD in the Police

In either case, with a few exceptions, there is a war on the Chicago Police by the Chicago media. Media punks like Hinkel are now the norm, and they are the primary source for the mental anguish, post-traumatic stress, and rampant depression in the police department. They are also a major reason for the city’s chronic violent crime and the low resolution rate for murders. There is blood on their hands.

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More Than Just Smollett Case Taints Foxx Administration

What is interesting about Solache and Reyes and other “Guevara” cases is that some of them also accuse prosecutors of wrongdoing in the federal lawsuits, not just the detectives who investigated the crimes. So in these Guevara cases where Foxx let the killers out, she is also exposing her own prosecutors to intense civil litigation that has a devastating impact on their reputations and careers. How, then, would you like to be a prosecutor in Cook County with Kimberly Foxx as your boss? 

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