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FOP Statement On Shooting

Before even the barest facts were verified in the fatal shooting of an armed assailant by a Chicago Police Officer Saturday night, the Chicago media was ramping up every angle they could muster to paint the shooting unjustified.

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Jackie Wilson Attorney And Retracted Witness Statements...

So, what else is new? Wrongful conviction attorneys like Slosar are not newcomers to the game of drudging up recantations from witnesses whose original testimony years before was key in prosecutors winning convictions of defendants like Wilson. Indeed, the city has paid out nearly a half billion dollars in settlements that have arisen over the past decade at least in part due to wrongful conviction lawsuits brought by attorneys like Loevy & Loevy, many based on retracted witness statements.

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FOP Statement On Verdict In Rivera Case...

This verdict will likely pave the way for wrongful conviction attorneys to build a pattern and practice case against Guevara and other detectives, one that will likely result in more financial settlements with the City. What will aid in their obtaining further settlements is the breakdown of the Chicago media, which fails time and again to investigate fully and impartially the evidence of misconduct in this movement.

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Bonfire Of The Progressives

Zorn’s conduct in this case, and his writing about it, aches for a serious investigation, a deeper look. His employer, the Chicago Tribune, owes that to the reading public, owes it to the family members of the couple slain in 1982 by Porter. But Zorn is protected from such inquiry. For all their chatter about a code of silence in the Chicago Police Department, a far more pervasive and dangerous code of silence exists in the Chicago media.

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FOP Statement On Jackie Wilson Ruling

The Fraternal Order of Police would like to extend its sincere best wishes to the family members of Officers William Fahey and Richard O’Brien, who were murdered in February 1982 by Jackie and Andrew Wilson.

Today, Circuit Court Judge William Hooks remanded the Jackie Wilson case back for another trial, now compelling these family members of the slain officers to endure yet another legal proceeding that will force them to relive the nightmare of the crime and the possibility that this killer may have another chance at garnering his freedom.

While the FOP does not in any way condone police misconduct, the notion that Jackie Wilson was abused in custody is virtually non-existent, and we are extremely disappointed in Judge Hooks’ ruling.

Jackie Wilson’s new trial is the product of the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC), a state agency that has broad powers to arbitrarily overturn settled cases and place them back in the courts. It was TIRC that resurrected Wison’s torture claims and foisted them back into the criminal courts.

The FOP believes TIRC is an unconstitutional body, comprised of many commissioners with a decidedly anti-police bias. The damage this agency will do to the criminal justice system is ominous, as this decision in the Jackie Wilson case demonstrates.

In the wake of this decision, the FOP calls on the Chicago media, particularly the Chicago Tribune, to once and for all fairly investigate the corruption within the wrongful conviction movement and the evidence that false accusations are frequently made against the police in an effort to free convicted killers and rapists and garner large settlements from the City.

The FOP believes that the special prosecutor will put forth a powerful criminal trial to refute any claims that Jackie Wilson was innocent of these brutal, cowardly murders of two heroes, whose memory will always endure with the greatest admiration in the hearts and minds of Chicago Police Officers.

Attorney Hints At False Witness Recantation In Guevara Trial

Attorney James Sotos, one of several attorneys representing detectives accused of framing Jacques Rivera of a 1988 gang slaying, pointed out during cross examination Thursday that prosecutors still fought Rivera’s innocence claim even after the central witness in the case retracted his statements nearly two decades after fingering Rivera for the murder.

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Lawyers To Detectives: Take The Fifth

“It would therefore be tantamount to malpractice, in my opinion, to expose a client to lawsuits and perjury if you do not obtain a comfort level from the State as to who exactly they are looking at for prosecution.  This is a very difficult conversation for an attorney to have with an honest Detective, but until we get back to prosecuting the real criminals, it is a conversation that must be had."

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With Settlement, Tribune Narrative Officially Implodes...

For Chicago’s journalists like Jason Meisner, it was absolutely crucial not to label Alstory Simon a wrongfully convicted man in their stories on Friday, even though the journalists were announcing Simon had won a groundbreaking settlement from Northwestern University based on the claim that investigators at the school framed him for a double murder he did not commit.

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