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FOP Attorneys Will Demand Special Prosecutor In Batteries Against Police

 In response to what the Fraternal Order of Police claims is a pattern and practice of Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx refusing to enforce the law and protect Chicago Police officers, the FOP Lodge 7 announced today it will demand a special prosecutor in any case in which the Foxx administration drops or reduces charges in cases where officers are the victims. 

The FOP is granted the right to do so by an Illinois state statute granting the right to request a special prosecutor if one such as Foxx is unable or unwilling to do the job. 

The FOP announced the new policy in a letter to Kimberly Foxx today. 

 “There is a palpable and dangerous trend emerging in the Cook County criminal justice system wherein your office either refuses to approve felony charges, dismisses them, or reduces them to minor offenses when police officers are victims of crimes. In doing so, your administration has demonstrated a disregard for the safety of police officers or an apparent hostility toward them. The FOP has repeatedly voiced our concerns regarding this practice. Those concerns have fallen on deaf ears…Therefore, we are notifying you of our intent to file a motion for a special prosecutor in each and every case where you refuse, drop, or diminish charges when our members are the victims.” 

In the motion, FOP attorneys will cite what the Lodge claims is a pattern and practice of failing to prosecute offenders when police officers are injured, policies that give breaks to criminals and show a bias on behalf of law firms who specialize in suing police officers over claims of police misconduct. 

The FOP has also filed a Freedom of Information Act for data on all cases in which police officers have been listed as the victims of batteries.

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