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CBS Reporter Dave Savini’s Narrative Heads to Federal Court

But like so many arrests by Chicago Police, the case against Brown began a powerful transformation with the help of Chicago’s activist, fiercely anti-police media. And not just the media, for the case would also hint, yet again, at a shady connection between the media and the city’s civilian police oversight agencies.

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Attorneys For Accused Detectives Attack Police Misconduct Claim In Vicious Rape Case

Attorneys for two “Burge” era detectives and the City of Chicago told a federal judge Friday that they would file a motion for summary judgment to dismiss a civil lawsuit by a man who claims he was wrongfully convicted of raping and burning a woman.

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Bonfire Of The Progressives

Zorn’s conduct in this case, and his writing about it, aches for a serious investigation, a deeper look. His employer, the Chicago Tribune, owes that to the reading public, owes it to the family members of the couple slain in 1982 by Porter. But Zorn is protected from such inquiry. For all their chatter about a code of silence in the Chicago Police Department, a far more pervasive and dangerous code of silence exists in the Chicago media.

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