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A Christmas Prayer...

This much: If there is one certainty in Chicago right now, one absolute truth, it is that there will be no further investigation into the Nicole Harris case by the local media whatsoever. Nothing. Reporters like Jason Meisner, Megan Crepeau, Dan Hinkel, Andy Grimm, Tim Novak, or anyone else in Chicago media will not get to the bottom of whether Nicole Harris strangled to death her own son, Jaquari Dancy.

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Bombshell Verdict Answers Why Police Take The Fifth...

The Harris case was a relatively routine murder investigation with the offender spontaneously confessing.  Nevertheless, the entire criminal justice system turned on the detectives and threw them under the bus. The prosecutor betrayed them twice, the judge who issued the Certificate of Innocence betrayed them, and, of course, the media, who reflexively echoed the claims of Harris’s wrongful conviction attorneys, betrayed the detectives. Clearly the jury in the trial saw things the media never did.

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