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Foxx Strikes Again: Mayhem Follows Release of Once Charged Men

Two Dead, Three Injured After Two Men Released From Custody

While Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx pushes her restorative justice platform, claiming it will not lead to an increase in violence and chaos in the city, police officers know better.

In fact, officers know that her approach to dealing, or not dealing, with criminals spells catastrophe for the city and places officers in great physical danger.

The death of Jaquan Shockley and Marquise Willis on June 8, 2019, is an illuminating example.

At that time, several 15th District Tactical officers were on the lookout for Shockley, a known gang member who was wanted on a warrant for violating parole. The fact that Shockley was on parole is itself an indictment of Foxx.

Shockley was originally charged with a host of felonies for an incident in 2018 when he was driving a stolen car, including robbery, armed with a firearm, receiving/possessing stolen property, and the crown jewel charge of them all: attempted first-degree murder. And who was the victim in the attempted first-degree murder? A police officer. Shockley had apparently attempted to run over a sheriff with the stolen car.

So why was Shockley not waiting in county jail for his case to be processed and tried on such ominous charges? Well, most of the charges against him were dropped, including the attempted murder. This decision by Foxx’s administration was made without explanation. It says an awful lot about a prosecutor who drops attempted murder charges when the victim is a police officer without even notifying the police department or the FOP that she is doing so.

With most of the charges now dropped, Shockley was paroled and he was out on the street again.

Here, then, is Foxx’s restorative justice program: She restores the worst criminals right back to the street, even the ones who try to kill the police.

Is there any doubt what happened? Shockley did not obey the conditions of his parole. Why should he? He already knows the criminal justice system in Cook County is a joke.

A warrant is issued for his arrest. On the warrant is listed the charge of attempted murder of a police officer, so the police do their thing: Officers in the 15th District who have seen the warrant are on the lookout for Shockley. They know him well. He’s been arrested more than a dozen times and he’s a known gang member in the district.

So contrary to what Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed several months ago—that the police are deliberating not working—three tactical officers went to the area where Shockley was known to hang out. With them was the copy of the warrant for his arrest that included the attempted murder charge.

At one point, they thought they saw him in the area where he often hung out. So they returned. When they did, they saw a red Kia quickly leave the scene. The Kia rolls through a stop sign. They pull up alongside of it. Sure enough, they spot Shockley driving. They all confirmed with each other that it was Shockley.

There was also a passenger in the car. This, too, is important. This passenger is Marquise Willis. One year earlier, Willis had been indicted for first-degree murder, but the case had been dropped by prosecutors without explanation. That’s not all. At the time Willis was in the car, he was also on bond for felony unlawful use of a weapon.

The two men in the car were a powder keg, a dire threat to the innocent and a clear testament to the legitimacy of Kimberly Foxx’s restorative justice. And they were about to prove it.

But pause for a minute. The two men in the car not only proved the illegitimacy of Foxx’s administration, but they also revealed the dedication and duty of the Chicago Police, who had time and again arrested these criminals, only to see them restored to the street.

The three officers got behind Shockley’s car. They attempted to pull him over. Shockley stopped, but as they got out of the car, he took off. The officers pursued. Shockley drove into a CTA car barn, then pulled out onto Pulaski. Here, he took off at 100 mph. The officers concluded the chase was too dangerous and they self-terminated it.

Just afterward, Shockley crashed into a guard rail then swerved into another car in the opposite lane, striking it head-on. This vehicle contained three women. The crash scene was horrific. The officers heard it and pulled up. Shockley was dead on scene. Willis was taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery, but he died. All three women were taken to the hospital and listed in serious condition. One of the women suffered a broken back.

The officers on scene comforted the women.

All this could have been avoided if Kimberly Foxx had just done her job. And this restorative justice that is supposed to help criminals get back into society, how did that work out for Shockley and Willis?

But that’s not the end of it. For their efforts that night, the officers would undergo a vigorous investigation by the city, painstakingly going over every detail, every decision they made.

And Kimberly Foxx?

She’s busy running for reelection.