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FOP Requests Feds Review Dropped Charges by Foxx...

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has asked the Department of Justice to investigate another criminal case—this time a murder—in which Cook County prosecutors under Kimberly Foxx have dropped charges. 

 The request comes in the wake of the decision to release a man taken into custody on an arrest warrant for his alleged role in the April murder of Candice Dickerson at 59th and Kedzie. Three men were originally charged in connection with the case. 

But the FOP learned earlier this month that charges were dropped against Carlos Gonzalez. 

It’s not the first time the FOP has requested that federal prosecutors step in and look into a case Foxx would not take up. County prosecutors, for example, refused to charge Matthew Ross for social media threats he made against police officers, their families, and elected officials. After requesting that federal prosecutors get involved, Ross was charged with three felonies. His case is pending in the federal courts. 

The FOP has also requested that the Department of Justice also review Foxx’s exoneration of several convicted killers, who claimed they were coerced into confessing by Chicago detectives.