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Offender or Victim?

Gay Probationary Police Officer Fights for Job, Claims Assault Against Man Who Made Homophobic Slurs . . .

A probationary police officer is fighting to keep her job after she says she and her partner endured verbal attacks for being gay and were assaulted by a man at a family gathering. 

The PPO, who was chosen class commander in the academy and garnered a trove of character statements on her behalf, has been charged with battery for striking a man at a family gathering in June. 

The problem is that, according to her lawyer, Tim Grace, the officer and her partner had been stalked by the man throughout the party. She claims the man made vicious slurs against her. 

Those slurs included calling the PPO and her lover “gay lesbian bitches” and “pussy lickers.” 

Despite the homophobic verbal attacks, the officer and her girlfriend repeatedly walked away from the man, who, they say, became more and more intoxicated and aggressive throughout the evening, according to her lawyer. The verbal attacks by the man became so bad that even the officer’s father told the man to cease making the statements. 

By the end of the evening as the officer was getting ready to leave the gathering, the man approached her again, saying, “What the fuck are you going to do about it?” She believed the man was going to physically attack her. 

In self-defense, the officer punched the man in the face. Immediately afterward, she backed away, then left the party. 

A day or so later, she was notified that the man had filed a case report against her. The officer was forced to turn herself in to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and was charged with battery. 

But wait a minute. What about the evidence that she was the victim of an assault, coupled with homophobic slurs? What does that make the incident? Isn’t the officer the real victim here? 

“My client repeatedly walk away from and intoxicated aggressor and only responded physically when she was facing an assault. No gay person should have to face that kind of physical and verbal attacks,” Grace said. 

Because of the criminal charges against her, the officer is now facing an investigation by the Bureau of Internal Affairs and could be fired. 

This would be a tragic and unfair outcome for the highly respected officer, who, according to her attorney, has always wanted to be a Chicago Police Officer.