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City’s Biggest Risk Management Challenge: Kimberly Foxx

City Must Address Foxx To Protect City Coffers…

In a sign that Chicago under Lori Lightfoot may finally address the hemorrhaging of the public coffers to law firms making claims of police misconduct, the mayor’s administration has reportedly hired a new risk management expert. 

Lightfoot announced last week she is hiring Tamika Puckett to address the “high cost of police lawsuits” and to “save money in those areas so that it can be reallocated to other priorities.”

That’s a good first step. But does the city truly need an expert to point out the most obvious and ominous risk to Chicago’s financial well-being and its public safety: Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx?

Foxx’s high-profile bungling and revealed bias in the Jussie Smollet case is only one sign of her squandering the resources of the police department in an investigation. Her administration poses a much graver threat to the financial stability of the city. 

Foxx is part of a group of prosecutors whose campaigns were heavily funded by billionaire activist George Soros. Together, the policies of these Soros-backed prosecutors appear aimed at fundamentally transforming the legal system by heavily favoring criminals and imposing an intense anti-police agenda. The cost to the municipalities is staggering. 

Soros also reportedly supported the candidacy of the Philadelphia prosecutor Larry Krasner. Here’s what the FOP president John McNesby had to say about him to Tucker Carlson:

Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby ripped the city’s district attorney for what he called his “great disdain and dislike for law enforcement,” saying it allowed crime to spike in town.

McNesby said D.A. Larry Krasner, a Democrat elected in 2017, made sweeping cuts to staff in the city prosecutor’s office and has implemented policies that have led to far fewer cases being brought against defendants. . . .

“Crime is up, there’s 4,000 felons on the street [and people are] pointing fingers at police officers and the commissioner,” McNesby said.

Tucker Carlson said that Krasner was strongly backed by liberal billionaire George Soros and stopped both prosecuting several crimes and seeking cash bail for others.

McNesby said Krasner has made “deals” with defense attorneys that have allowed for lax sentencing in some cases, and that sometimes the victims do not know about the agreements.

Sound familiar? 

In Cook County, Foxx has initiated a host of policies and decisions in cases that allow offenders to get back on the street, from raising the standards for felony charges in retail theft to lowering bonds. Many of these offenders then re-offend, requiring more police and legal action. The offenders also sense the pro-criminal policies by Foxx, so crime rises as well.

Police officers and detectives bemoan what they cite is a total lack of cooperation from the Foxx administration in getting felony charges approved. Moral in both the police department and Foxx’s own administration appears at an all-time low.  

But nothing compares to the destructive force of Foxx’s seeming allegiance with the anti-police movement, as expressed by her willingness to arbitrarily release convicted felons from prison on the flimsiest, most suspicious arguments. Already city-hired attorneys are spending millions fighting the lawsuits in federal court that have arisen from her decision to release convicted killers like Gabriel Solache, Arturo Reyes, and Nevest Coleman without at least retrying them, despite the fact that the evidence against them is overwhelming. 

What makes these cases even more suspicious is the fact that many of these offenders were represented by law firms that supported Foxx’s candidacy. In response, the FOP has asked the Department of Justice to look into Foxx’s decisions in these cases. 

City attorneys under the Rahm administration told the city council with a straight face that many of these exoneration cases that turn into federal lawsuits should be settled because guilty verdicts against the city could result in the city paying out more. Based on this canard, the city paid out millions. But these settlements do not end such claims. Each one only encouraged more claims against the city. Now with a prosecutor seemingly willing to let anyone out of prison who claims police misconduct, the floodgates of the city coffers are open. 

These cases do more than bankrupt the city. They destroy the morale of the police officers who endure the relentless attacks by a media machine also in the back pocket of the law firms becoming mega rich in their crusade for “civil rights.” 

Lightfoot’s problem with lawsuits against the city, therefore, is far more complex and ominous than risk management. Her newly hired expert might not know what she is getting involved in. But fortunately for Lightfoot, she has an ally in the FOP, which has proven its willingness and capability in fighting Foxx’s politicization of the criminal justice system time and again.

Lightfoot is big on calling for police reform. But that reform lacks legitimacy when only one part of the criminal justice system—the police—are being held accountable and when much of the claims against the officers are fraudulent. 

Risk management may be a good place to start, but Lightfoot needs to ask fundamental questions about what is taking place in the city, and she has to stand up to the likes of Kimberly Foxx. 

To do so, the FOP can help.