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Tribune Sticking to Boudreau Attacks Despite City Fighting Innocence Petition

Trib reporter Megan Crepeau whitewashes the fact that both FOP- and city-hired attorneys allege freed inmate is still guilty.

Already reeling from a collection of cases that provide powerful evidence the Chicago Tribune falsely claimed Chicago Police officers coerced confessions from accused killers, the paper is ignoring powerful evidence that it has done so once again. 

Retired police sergeant Kenneth Boudreau has been in the crosshairs of the Chicago Tribunesince 2001 when the paper published a series alleging a “pattern” of suspicious convictions against Boudreau and other detectives who worked with him. 

But since those claims were published, a host of exonerations extolled by the paper, chiefly by columnist Eric Zorn and former Tribreporter Steve Mills, have crashed under the weight of renewed scrutiny and new evidence, particularly cases arising from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Rather than take this evidence into account, the Tribunereporters have doubled down on their narratives, all the while regularly alleging a “code of silence” among members of the police department. 

Now Trib reporter Megan Crepeau, a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill Journalism School who categorically refuses to admit this evidence into any of her stories about police misconduct allegations, is attempting to maintain the innocence narrative of Arnold Day, who was convicted in 1994 for murder. Boudreau worked on the Day case. 

Tribune Reporter Megan Crepeau

Tribune Reporter Megan Crepeau

Day obtained his release from prison not through any ruling by the courts, but by a decision from a controversial state commission, the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC), which has broad authority to overturn convictions on claims of police misconduct, even when the courts reject these claims. 

TIRC decisions and petitions for certificates of innocence are two of the remaining life rafts to which the Chicago media like the Tribuneand Crepeau cling in order to preserve their claims of police misconduct amidst the growing sentiment by police, prosecutors, judges, and an informed public that these narratives are hogwash.  

Last week, Crepeau wrote about the decision by the presiding judge of the Cook County Criminal Division, Leroy Martin, rejecting an amicus brief by Boudreau’s city-hired attorneys. In it, the attorneys argued the certificate of innocence petition by Day should be rejected because the evidence is overwhelming that Day committed the murder. In doing so, the attorneys are rejecting not only the innocence petition, but also the TIRC decision that let Day out to begin with. 

But Boudreau’s city attorneys are not the only ones challenging Day’s innocence petition. Several weeks ago, FOP attorneys also filed a brief challenging the petition, but were denied standing by the judge. 

In her obvious crusade to preserve her paper’s modern mythology of police misconduct and the tenuous claims against former detective Boudreau, Crepeau conveniently ignores the ominous fact that both the city and the FOP are arguing that Day is guilty.

In doing so, both the city and the Lodge are attacking one of the key legal proceedings used by the Tribune to justify innocence claims. These challenges make it that much more difficult for activist journalists like Crepeau to paint the innocence certificates as bona fide declarations of innocence. These challenges also weaken the ability of the lawyers representing the once-convicted offenders of getting a massive payout from the taxpayers through a civil lawsuit. 

The fact that city attorneys now appear willing to fight innocence certificates, therefore, is an ominous development, completely glossed over by Crepeau. 

That’s the real story of what is taking place in the Boudreau mythology, a mythology largely constructed by the Tribune

Conservative writer Pat Buchanan observed in a recent column that “the media are seen as militant partisans masquerading as journalists.” 

Sounds like Buchanan has been reading Crepeau’s articles.