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Foxx’s Restorative Justice Comes Into Focus

Chicago’s Corrupt Media Can No Longer Hide The Dire State Of Cook County Under Kimberly Foxx…

Time For The Feds To Step?

Peel away the veneer of restorative justice from Chicago’s top prosecutor and a dark world emerges. 

Last week, rumors abounded that Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx, already under fire for her decision not to prosecute Jussie Smollett, disbanded the prosecutor’s Drug Unit, a key unit of prosecutors and police officers who investigated drug crimes. Their work was crucial in getting dangerous criminals off the street, particularly gang members. 

But an even more ominous development has taken shape in another key case tied to Foxx, this one an exoneration of two men, Gabriel Solache and Arturo Reyes, once convicted for stabbing a couple to death in their apartment and kidnapping the couple’s two children in 1998. 

Shortly after taking office, Foxx’s top prosecutors released Solache and Reyes from prison after pulling some clever and highly suspicious legal maneuvers against a detective who took part in the investigation. In one of the most bizarre and suspicious decisions ever to come out of the state’s attorney’s office, prosecutors under Foxx also released the two men even though they admitted Solache and Reyes were likely guilty of the murders. 

After Solache and Reyes were let out, federal authorities took the men into custody because they were illegal aliens when they slaughtered the Sotos in their apartment. After a lengthy immigration process, the two are reportedly back in Mexico, but their lawsuit against the city seeking millions in compensation for the supposed injustices done to them by Chicago Police detectives remains in the federal courts. 

Is this an example of Kimberly Foxx’s restorative justice? 

It most certainly is. But this is only part of the story. 

To understand the full scope of Foxx’s restorative justice in the Solache/Reyes restoration of justice, one has to go back into history, to cities beyond Chicago. That would be in 1975 to the Fraunces Tavern near Wall Street in New York City. 

It was here that a group of Marxist revolutionaries called the Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN) set off a bomb that killed four people and injured many others. The bombing is recalled in a 2019 National Reviewarticle by Joe Connor, whose father was one of the persons killed. 

Just who were the FALN, according to Connor? From the article: 

Fraunces Tavern was targeted by the FALN — who paid lip service to independence but in reality sought to impose a Cuban-style socialist regime in Puerto Rico — for its proximity to Wall Street and for its storied reputation as the birthplace of American liberty. Alexander Hamilton and the Sons of Liberty met there. General George Washington bade farewell to his officers at Fraunces after the Revolutionary War.

How bad were the FALN, according to Connor? 

Between 1974 and 1983, the FALN claimed responsibility for over 130 bombings in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

One hundred thirty bombings? That’s more than the Weather Underground, the other radical Marxist group that went around setting off bombs throughout the country during the 1970s. And just like Solache and Reyes, the members of the FALN were also the beneficiaries of their own “restorative justice.”

Connor again: 

Though never prosecuted specifically for the Fraunces bombing, the unrepentant terrorists served only 18 years of prison sentences ranging from 55 to 70 years.

How about that? But just as the FOP has assailed motives behind Foxx’s restorative justice movement, Connor also alleged dark motives in the move to set the FALN members free. From his article: 

As Hillary Clinton geared up for her 2000 New York Senate run and was looking to connect with New York’s Hispanic community, Bill Clinton granted clemency to the FALN, a blatant political gesture orchestrated by then–deputy attorney general Eric Holder. One leader, Oscar Lopez Rivera, was so dedicated to his cause and his comrades that he refused the 1999 Clinton clemency, although in 2017 he accepted an unprecedented second presidential clemency from Barack Obama. It was one of Obama’s last acts as president.

How’s that for restoration? You see, letting offenders off the hook is nothing new for Democratic politicians, especially those hailing from Chicago, whether the offenders may have been making a fraudulent hate crime hoax to smear the image of a president they despise, or letting off two men who stabbed to death a couple in their apartment, or radicals who set off bombs that killed and injured people. 

It’s all part of the restoration. 

Doubt it? Well, consider the chapter of the Solache/Reyes saga that you won’t read about in Chicago newspapers. You won’t hear about it because the canard of this wholesale attack on the criminal justice system by Foxx and her cronies could not take place without the collusion of the local media. They stand ready to level any ginned-up story, most commonly racism, against anyone in the city, like the FOP, who dares to question the legitimacy of Foxx’s restorative justice movement, a euphemism for a directed policy of letting criminals out, no matter how dangerous.  

So, after Solache and Reyes got out of prison, each one got representation from prominent wrongful conviction law firms to file federal lawsuits against the investigating detectives—Reyes with Loevy & Loevy and Solache with the People’s Law Office (PLO). The specific PLO attorney working for Solache, and the one who showed up at a recent hearing, is a woman named Jan Susler. 

All of which brings us back to the FALN and 1975 in New York City. Turns out Susler, an attorney claiming that Gabriel Solache should be awarded millions for his “wrongful conviction,” was a powerful ally to FALN members. In fact, she worked to get them out of prison, according to an October 1995 Chicago Tribune article: 

Jan Susler takes a deep breath and looks at the reporter long and steady. She’s skeptical. She’s afraid he’ll get it wrong.

“The FALN are really lovely human beings,” says Susler, a lawyer representing the group. “They aren’t the kinds of people that have horns and a tail. They are intelligent, gifted and tolerant.”

One wonders what the Connor family would have to say about that claim, or the remaining Sotos family members, for that matter. More from the Tribunearticle:

It is Susler’s job—along with New York Attorney Michael Deutsch—to make the FALN’s legal case for a presidential pardon. It’s a tough sell, and she knows it. Susler, who practices out of The Peoples Law Office near the corner of Division St. and Milwaukee Ave., wrote the 70-page pardon application.

Susler thought that Clinton just might consider the issue—until the Oklahoma City bombing. Now, she doubts the president will touch it, at least not right away. The Republicans would tear him up politically. Most Americans lump all so-called terrorists into the same pot. They don’t recognize the difference between Timothy McVeigh, the prime Oklahoma City suspect, and the FALN.

What the . . . ? Yes, most Americans lump terrorism into one pot, a pot called “terrorism.” What is the essential difference between setting a bomb off in a crowded tavern and setting one off next to government building?

Not everyone agreed with Susler’s sunny assessment of the FALN members. From the same Tribune article:

“They were trying to overthrow the government, and they had weapons and bombs,” says U.S. District Judge Thomas R. McMillen, who in 1981 sentenced 10 FALN members, including Torres and Rosa, to 55- to 75-year prison terms. “They should serve out their sentences. They are unreconstructed revolutionaries.

Here is Foxx’s “restorative justice” laid bare: She releases Solache and Reyes while admitting they were likely guilty of the murders, and the case is passed along to attorneys from the PLO, a law firm that has represented revolutionary groups from the Weather Underground to the FALN and the Black Panthers.

Foxx can get away with such monumental abuses of justice because Chicago, more than any other city in the country, has a monolith media wholly in the camp of the far left along with Foxx. This media machine will never discuss the ties of the PLO to organizations like the FALN. Instead, they will willfully trump up allegations against anyone, like the FOP, who calls Foxx’s restorative justice movement for what it truly is: Revolution. That’s what the local media has done since the FOP had the nerve to protest Foxx in April, drumming up associations to white nationalist groups that do not exist as a means of deflecting the scandals surrounding Foxx.

That leaves the Department of Justice. Reeling from the scandals that emerged in the DOJ under the Obama administration, the DOJ under Trump is clearly trying to restore order to the agency. In doing so, Chicago may be its most dire and crucial undertaking. 

Because, as Chicago proves, the revolution will not be televised.