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FOP To The Tribune: Enough

In an unprecedented move, the Executive Board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 (FOP) voted unanimously Tuesday to cease cooperation with the Chicago Tribunebecause of a powerful anti-police agenda at the newspaper together with an unwillingness by certain Tribune staff members to objectively report vital criminal justice issues.

The unanimous FOP vote comes in the wake of last weekend’s explosive violence, which led to the deaths of 13 individuals among 72 shootings across Chicago. While not a single bullet that struck the victims came from police fire, there was not a single mention in the Tribune of that salient fact. 

That is one small example that has led to the FOP to cease cooperating with the Tribune. It is the newspaper’s dark alliance with the wrongful conviction movement that is the most troubling.

Despite growing evidence that the paper ignored key evidence when it supported the release of several convicted killers based on the claim that these men were the victims of police misconduct, the Tribunehas refused to re-investigate these cases. Among them: The exonerations of Anthony Porter, Madison Hobley, and Nicole Harris. There are other such ignored cases, and the newspaper knows of them.

Tired of the Tribune’sincessant bias and unwillingness to acknowledge its own errors in reporting police misconduct cases, the FOP has therefore declined to cooperate with Tribune reporters and editors until they make a good faith effort to investigate the corruption within the industry of police misconduct claims and hold their reporters and editors accountable.