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FOP Statement On Weekend Violence: The ACLU Effect Again?

According to media reports, seventy-four people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, eleven fatally. Several of the incidents were mass shootings.

The explosion in violence came less than a week after Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a proposed consent decree that would impose drastic new police oversight measures on the Chicago Police Department. The FOP has argued that these measures will make policing even more difficult in Chicago, burdening officers with endless bureaucracy, paper work, and ambiguous policies that ultimately will be used to arbitrarily discipline officers.

Among those cheering these measures is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU, in fact, has also entered into the lawsuit that seeks to create the federal consent decree.

Here is one key fact that the ACLU and the other advocates of the proposed decree have not publically commented on in Chicago in the wake of the carnage last weekend.

Namely, not one of the seventy individuals killed or wounded was struck by gunfire from a Chicago Police Officer.

Last weekend’s mayhem is a direct and chilling refutation of the entire argument posed by the talking heads from the City, Attorney General, and from groups like the ACLU to impose this proposed consent decree. It also may very well be a hint of what is to come if the war on the police continues.

It is t not as if this wasn’t already known. An academic study from professors at the University of Utah, entitled “the ACLU Effect,” demonstrated clearly that ACLU policies imposed upon the Chicago Police Department led to a drastic increase in the number of homicides in 2016.

“Last weekend’s violence should serve as a wake up call to our elected leaders and our citizens that the groups so vehemently attacking the police don’t have the knowledge to guide police policies,” said Kevin Graham.

“Often, their motives are also suspect,” President Graham said.

“It’s time these leaders and activists worked with us to allow us to protect the public, so that there are no more weekends like this in Chicago. The FOP and its members extend their heartfelt sympathies to all the families whose lives were affected by the violence in Chicago over the weekend.”