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FOP Statement On Proposed Consent Decree


The Executive Board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 has voted to fight this consent decree by filing a motion to have the lawsuit between the City and the state Attorney General dismissed.

This lawsuit and the proposed consent decree that would arise from it are based upon a biased federal investigation from a presidential administration with a clear antipathy to law enforcement, an antipathy that has drastically undermined law and order throughout the country and placed the most innocent and vulnerable members of society at the greatest peril. 

Those who conducted this Department of Justice investigation revealed their actions were more political in nature--not legal--when they rushed to finish it before the next presidential administration was sworn in. 

The Trump administration rightly dismissed the methodology and findings of this DOJ investigation and declined to impose a consent decree. 

Despite this, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel broke new legal ground to create their own consent decree. We believe this action is not legal, not moral, politically motivated and is one of the most disturbing examples of how political careers in Chicago are built by attacking the police.

Because so much of Chicago’s media is also deeply allied to the various factions of the anti-police movement, little real debate or discussion of the merits or consequences of this bizarre and dangerous consent decree have taken shape in the City. 

Be that as it may, our Lodge will continue to fight the creation of this consent decree, which, we believe, will have a devastating impact on the ability of our members to protect the public.