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Statement On The Release Of Jackie Wilson

The release today of twice-convicted police killer Jackie Wilson by Judge William Hooks is the culmination of the three-decade crusade by the People’s Law Office, who portray his release as some form of justice.

That is not what it is.

Rather, the release of Wilson is the low point for the criminal justice system in this state, now on life support after Judge Hooks’s decision today.

Our hearts go out to the family members of Officers William Fahey and Richard O’Brien, whose courageous conduct on February 9, 1982, likely prevented the murder of other innocent people. The reason is that on the day Jackie and his brother Andrew murdered Fahey and O’Brien, Jackie and Andrew were on their way to spring their friend and fellow police killer Edgar Hope from police custody at the County Hospital, where Hope was recovering from wounds he suffered from a shoot-out with police officers a few days earlier that left rookie policeman James Doyle dead.

The plot by these two evil men to get Edgar Hope out of police custody at the County Hospital could very likely have killed or injured many others.

Judge Hooks’s decision today to let Jackie out also marks a low point for Chicago’s media, which has trumpeted the many baseless claims about police misconduct cases by the PLO and their wrongful conviction colleagues without checking the facts, telling the whole story. This failure by the media is intensely suspicious, suggesting that some members of the media committed greater wrongs than simply bias or incompetence. 

It is time to look at the dark side of the PLO and their allies, the one rarely mentioned by Chicago’s media machine: the Nicole Harris case, Anthony Porter, Madison Hobley, Stanley Wrice, and many others.

It is time to mention PLO lawyers representation of and association with members in violent revolutionary groups like the Black Panthers, the FALN terrorists, and the Weather Underground.

Today’s decision also marks a turning point. Police, prosecutors, law-abiding citizens, and those who believe in the ideals of our republic are tired of the corruption that permeates our political and legal system.

So is the Fraternal Order of Police. We will work tirelessly to end such despicable outcomes such as this.

We’ve had enough, and so have the citizens.