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Mayor: You Have Turned Your Back On Us...

Statement to Mayor Rahm Emanuel at City Council meeting...

You denied in the media that you have turned your back on the police. That is false.

Your civilian oversight agency, COPA, ruled in defiance of the law, policy, and reviews by experts that shooting a man who was attacking a police officer with a baseball bat was unjustified. This ruling has essentially undermined the Use of Force taught and employed by police officers.

Because of this ruling, no officer knows when he or she can use force, placing them—and, in turn, the public—in grave danger. In the wake of this ruling, the FOP sent you a letter demanding clarification on the Use of Force. You have not responded. We take great offense to your silence. In making their ruling, COPA—the agency you created on the promises of transparency and accountability—has conducted a secret investigation, hiding the fact that it had consulted outside investigators and then not shared their findings. Is this the kangaroo court that decides police misconduct allegations? Sadly, it is. COPA is a political witch hunt on police officers. The investigations are unfair and politically motivated. You created COPA.

You have turned your back on the police.

Just last Thursday at a police board hearing, your city attorney brought forth a supposed expert witness who argued that a police officer whom you personally awarded a medal of valor should not have chased a youth brandishing a handgun in an area of intense gang violence wearing gang colors.

You have turned your back on the police.

You put in a president of the police board whom your own people have acknowledged may have used her position to enhance her political ambitions on the backs of Chicago Police officers.

You have turned your back on the police, Mayor Emanuel.

Your Corporation Counsel has settled police misconduct cases to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, despite the fact that each month new evidence arises that these misconduct claims are often false. Rather than seek to protect accused officers, your Corporation Counsel has often chosen to settle these cases out of court—again, for millions of dollars. City attorneys should be fighting this corrupt industry of suing police officers, not giving their alleged accusers and defense attorneys vast monetary payouts. Why does your Corporation Counsel refuse to look at the evidence underlying these false exonerations and corruption within the wrongful conviction movement? Why does your civilian oversight agency do the same? Why does your police board? The money paid out in these settlements is our money. It is our pension. It is the infrastructure of this city, and it is the taxpayers’.

You have turned your back on the police.

You have entered into a consent decree that, if implemented, will be dire for the City of Chicago. It was created by a Department of Justice report under false pretenses, rushed to completion out of fear that a new president would rightfully end it, and then used it to justify all kinds of anti-police measures in the City. A sign of how dangerous this consent decree will prove to be is the fact that you have negotiated with groups like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU to give them a voice in its implementation. You have allowed a group that has chanted for the death of police officers in demonstrations throughout the country, a group that extols a police murderer now hiding in Cuba, the opportunity to sit at the table in which police policy will be negotiated.

You have also allowed the ACLU to sit at the table even as a report revealed that their policies regarding the police department caused a drastic increase in the number of murders in 2016. Do you, Mayor and the rest of the city council, believe that letting the ACLU and Black Lives Matter sit at the table will improve public safety? 

Why do you so willingly negotiate with Black Lives Matters and the ACLU, but you do not negotiate policies with us? Why do you pay out millions of dollars to career criminals on bogus claims of police misconduct, but you do not negotiate with us?

No, you, Mr. Mayor, have turned your back on the police.

You have remained silent throughout your administration while a bogus state agency, the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC), resurrects long-settled convictions and tosses them back into the courts. This commission is another politically motivated witch hunt of police officers, generating more lawsuits against officers that further rob the coffers of our City budget. Despite our well-researched legal opinions that TIRC is an unconstitutional body with broad authority to undermine the criminal justice system, the City continues to kowtow to this commission and pay out settlements on their bogus claims.

You have turned your back on us, Mayor Emanuel.

You have remained silent while the county prosecutor, Kimberly Foxx, virtually opens up the prisons, letting out one convicted killer after another, even killers her own staff admits are guilty. You have remained silent while she imposes measures like lowered bonds and lowering crimes from felonies, all of which are putting criminals back on the street and making Chicago less safe for both its police officers and the public. You are supposed to back us up so that we can do our jobs. But you have remained silent while public figures like Kimberly Foxx transform the prosecutor’s office into the public defender’s office.

You have turned your back on the police.

You are more concerned with consent decrees, settlements, pandering to the police-hating media than negotiating a contract with us. Our members are starting to believe that you have no intention of negotiating one until after the election. Our last contract expired. We want a new, fair one that protects us, not one that throws us under the bus.

You have turned your back on the police, Mayor Emanuel, and we are tired of it.