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President Graham Condemns Release of Suspects in Carjacking

Chicago, IL, April 28, 2018–Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham denounced a decision by Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx to release two offenders in a recent carjacking that left a third offender dead.

A retired police officer reportedly fatally shot one of the offenders, who was brandishing a gun when he approached the victim Wednesday evening on the 2900 block of South Shields. Two other suspects were also taken into custody.


But these suspects were released without charging, a decision made by prosecutors.

Graham denounced the decision as another sign that Foxx’s administration is out of control. Graham said her willingness to grant bonds to offenders and her unwillingness to charge suspects when they should be charged is destroying law and order in the city.

Foxx has also been under fire by the FOP for her willingness to free convicted killers from prison on flimsy, suspicious claims that they were wrongful convicted, Graham said.

“Foxx is showing an extraordinary bias in favor of criminals and against the police. She is circumventing the criminal justice process by making decisions that should ultimately be made through a criminal trial. Her reckless policies are placing the general public in danger and making it more difficult for police officers to do their job,” Graham said.