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Graham Calls For Meeting, Says Officers Now In Danger

Many Dire Situations Can Result, Graham argues...

Chicago-- (April 23, 2018) FOP President Kevin Graham today requested a meeting with the Superintendent to clarify when and how police officers will be disciplined for using force.

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Click to See Entire Letter

The request comes in the wake of a decision by Chicago Police Board member Eva-Dina Delgado, who ruled last Thursday to uphold a decision by the police civilian oversight agency, COPA, that the 2015 shooting of Quintonio LeGrier by Officer Robert Rialmo was unjustified. Le Grier was wielding a bat and charging at Rialmo when he fired. Another victim, Bettie Jones, was also fatally shot as a result of LeGrier’s actions.

The FOP has strongly denounced the ruling as another example that COPA is conducting biased, unprofessional investigations, going back to when the agency was called IPRA. Superintendent Eddie Johnson has ruled the shooting justified, as has a Use of Force expert hired by a law firm to defend the City in a civil lawsuit over the case. The FOP also uncovered evidence that COPA employed third-party investigators in their investigation of the shooting, but kept these investigators secret from their final report, from prosecutors, and from Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

By violating the Use of Force guidelines in their rulings, COPA and the police board have placed officers and the public in danger, President Graham argued in his letter.

 “Because of this decision by COPA and the board’s decision to uphold it, the City has abandoned the Use of Force model that police officers employ in the execution of their duties. The COPA and police board ruling, therefore, places our officers in a tenuous, dangerous position, as well as members of the public, as officers do not know if they will be disciplined for using appropriate levels of force. Many dire situations can result,” President Graham said in his letter.