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FOP Statement on Chicago Magazine Article "The Stairwell"

The FOP and its members are shocked and saddened at the naïveté and bias of the article “The Stairwell” in Chicago Magazine. It betrays a striking ignorance of the criminal mind and callousness for the victims of violent crime. It was ill-timed, self-indulgent, and cruel in the manner it went out of the way to find excuses for the travesty the offender made of his own life.

Sadly, this article is representative of the bias and pretentiousness that permeates the Chicago media. But coming as it did so recently in the wake of Commander Bauer’s cold-blooded murder, it is a particularly glaring example of just how intense is the antipathy in the local media toward law enforcement.

It is the police who protect the most vulnerable members of society day in and day out, regardless of their race or class. Commander Paul Bauer was a shining example of this courage and devotion to duty.

He and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers, and always will.