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Police Officer Files Report Against Alderman

A Chicago Police Officer filed a police report against Alderman John Arena today, claiming the Alderman committed cyberstalking in social media messages sent to the officer.

CPD officer Erin Jones is part of a group of City employees who claim that Alderman Arena and his staff have attempted to silence them because they oppose a building project in Arena’s 45st Ward. Arena reportedly filed complaints against officers with the police civilian oversight agency, COPA, as well as complaints against firemen who opposed a building project at 5150 N. Northwest Highway.

Arena staff members alleged in their complaints that the officers’ opposition to the project were “racially motivated.”

Now Jones, a 14-year veteran, has filed a police report against Arena based upon social media exchanges. In one, Jones tells the Alderman to “stop harassing me.”


Jones and other officers are being represented by FOP attorney Tim Grace. On February 8, Grace sent a letter to Arena, urging him to withdraw his complaints against the officers.

“We urge you to immediately retract these complaints and publically apologize to these officers to avoid serious penalties and further damage to your credibility,” Grace wrote in the letter. 

Since then, other City employees who have learned that complaints were made against them have also solicited representation from Grace.

From NADIG Newspapers:

Recently released documents from the City of Chicago show that Alderman John Arena’s office collected information about dozens of active or retired government workers who reportedly made social media comments against a controversial mixed-income housing proposal for 5150 N. Northwest Hwy.

 In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the city released a spreadsheet reportedly put together by Arena’s staff that shows the occupations of the individuals. They include firefighters, police officers, a city water management worker, a Chicago Park District employee, a Chicago Public Library worker, an aviation department truck driver and several retired school teachers.

 “It is difficult to believe that our elected officials would act like a school yard bully against the very people they serve. Nobody is above the law, even Chicago aldermen,” Grace said.