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FOP President Graham Statement on COPA

Chicago (January 6, 2018)β€” On December 17, there was an incident at a bar on the Northwest side involving an officer who had also been involved in a fatal police shooting in 2015.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) recently ruled that that 2015 shooting was unjustified. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) strongly denounced this ruling and notified its attorneys to begin legal scrutiny into the ruling and the COPA investigation behind it.

It appears that someone at COPA has now leaked the bar incident to Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Hinkel on Friday.

It also appears that COPA may have taken over the criminal investigation of this incident in the bar without the legal authority to do so and have conducted an extremely poor investigation.

Earlier this week, COPA reportedly passed the investigation onto the Chicago Police Department.

We believe that COPA is using this incident to put public pressure on the Superintendent to support their recent ruling that the 2015 shooting involving this same officer was unjustified.

We are once again concerned about that COPA is operating unilaterally and arbitrarily against our officers in their investigations. We are also troubled by the leaking of information from COPA to the media to push their agenda. It’s not their job to play politics.

The officers in the 2015 shooting have experienced traumatic events. They deserve fair treatment by COPA.