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FOP Wins Key Ruling On Body Worn Cameras...

Chicago, IL, January 3, 2018 – The State Labor Board ruled this week that the City violated Illinois Labor Law when it expanded its Body Worn Camera Policy without negotiating with the Lodge.

“This is another victory for the FOP in filing Unfair Labor Practice allegations against the City. The City has implemented policies that should have been negotiated first. This is an exceptional win for our members,” said FOP President Kevin Graham.

The ruling by Administrative Law Judge Anna Hamburg means that the City must “rescind any disciplinary action that the Respondent imposed on Police Officers arising from the misuse/loss of the Body Worn Cameras [BWCs] that it distributed as part of the 2017 expansion of the BWC Pilot Program.”

It must also “make unit members whole for any losses they may have suffered as a result of the discipline they received arising from the misuse/loss the BWCs that the Respondent distributed as part of the 2017 expansion of the Pilot Program.”

Further, the City is required to “on request, bargain collectively in good faith…over any impact or effect of the BWC Pilot Program’s 2017 expansion as it relates to a Police Officer’s safety and/or discipline.”

In November, the FOP won another ULP complaint over the Chicago Police Department’s proposed “disciplinary matrix.” The FOP argued that the policies were subject to negotiation with the Lodge. The State Labor Board agreed.