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FOP President Graham Response To Consent Decree

Chicago, IL, August 29, 2017“The decision to put the Chicago Police Department in a consent decree is a potential catastrophe for Chicago.

Already facing an explosion of crime because the police have been so handcuffed from doing their job by the intense anti-police movement in the city, this consent decree will only handcuff the police even further.

Despite the biased media in Chicago, which refuses to address the corruption in the anti-police movement and the evidence of chronic false allegations against the police--allegations that have created an industry out of suing police officers--the members of the CPD are doing a tremendous job considering the caustic and challenging environment in which they have been placed.

If anyone has any doubt about what could take place in Chicago under this decree, they only need take a look at what happened in Baltimore. According to media reports, the homicide rate in Baltimore has increased 50 percent in the last six years ago.

Just yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated at the National FOP Convention that he is opposed to consent decrees.

We have worked hard in the last four months of our administration to work with the city and are extremely disappointed by the decision to pursue this route. We will gather with our legal team to consider our options.”