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FOP Statement On New CPS Curriculum

Chicago, IL, August 28, 2017– This is the FOP statement about the CPS implementing the new curriculum on Jon Burge:

The FOP and its members finds any coercion of a witness or a suspect repugnant. With this in mind, the FOP believes that a thorough review of these cases is appropriate due to the increasing evidence of misconduct in the wrongful conviction movement.

That evidence includes the strong possibility that some wrongful conviction claims are false and some may even be fraudulent. The evidence of false affidavits, obtained through chicanery and bribery, is particularly troubling.

The media and political establishment needs to investigate these claims with the same intensity they pursue allegations of police coercion.

Indeed, it is important to note that the case upon which Jon Burge was convicted was an arson from 1987 in which seven people died, including two children. The convicted offender, Madison Hobley, was never able to convince a judge or prosecutor of his innocence, but he was nevertheless pardoned by former Governor George Ryan in 2003, shortly before Ryan himself was convicted on corruption charges and sent to prison.

Until the full review of the wrongful conviction movement is completed, the FOP does not believe the Burge mythology should be codified into public school curriculum.