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FOP President Grahams Condemns Anti-Police Rhetoric in Wake of Violence Against Officers

Chicago, IL, June 7, 2017– Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham said Wednesday that Chicago’s powerful anti-police rhetoric is likely one reason behind the sharp rise in shootings against police officers in the last few months.

Over the last week, there have four reported incidents of shootings at officers. In one incident, three youths, including two seventeen-year-olds and one twelve-year old, were arrested in the 25th District for attempted first-degree murder and other charges after firing at officers on June 5, 2017.

No officers were injured.

In addition to these incidents, there have been five police officers shot in the last two months. One officer was saved by a potentially fatal shot by his vest. Despite the sharp rise in shootings against the police, the powerful anti-police movement in the city has pushed an agenda painting the police as out of control, Graham said.

“What does it say when you have a twelve-year kid shooting at the police?” Graham asked. “It means that offenders, particularly gang members, are more emboldened than ever in attacking our officers. What’s happening on the streets if a far cry from the rhetoric we hear from the media and political establishment.”

In a June 3 shooting on the south side, an offender was charged with attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of an police officer. The offender was reportedly a convicted offender on parole at the time of the incident.

Graham called on political leaders to start backing the police rather than badmouthing them.

“We’ve had enough. It’s time the city figured out we are the good guys. That means fair and impartial disciplinary investigations against police officers. It means convicting offenders rather than letting them walk. It means offenders doing their time, and it means the city uniting against gang crime,” Graham said. “With the proper support, we can get crime under control in the city and protect our officers.”