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FOP President Kevin Graham Denounces Indictment Of Three Officers

Chicago, IL, June 28, 2017– After reviewing the surprise indictment of three Chicago Police officers by special prosecutor Patricia Holmes yesterday, FOP President Kevin Graham attacked the decision to indict the officers, questioning whether the charges are politically motivated and biased.

“These charges are, in our minds, baseless. Our officers are being made the scapegoats,” Graham said. “The decision on whether to release the video of the incident had nothing to do with these officers. How the Special Prosecutor can construe a “code of silence” theory defies belief. How can officers be indicted based upon which witnesses they spoke to and which ones they didn’t?”

Graham further stated that the indictment poses questions about whether Jason Van Dyke will get a fair trial, as the charges could silence witnesses.

Graham said the Fraternal Order of Police will vigorously support the officers in the defense of their criminal case.

“These officers should not have been indicted. Nevertheless, we hope that the rule of law will reign in the courtroom.”