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Statement From FOP President Graham On Inspector General's Report

Chicago, IL, May 31, 2017– FOP President Kevin Graham issued the following statement in response to the Inspector General’s Report, Review of the City of Chicago’s Expired and Expiring Collective Bargaining Agreements:

 At this time, the Fraternal Order of Police will not negotiate the upcoming contract in the media. We will only negotiate with the city. I will, however, comment on two points in the Inspector General’s report.

The evidence grows on a monthly basis that fraudulent claims are made regularly against Chicago Police Officers. Whether or not the local media wants to cover the examples of these false claims is not up to the FOP. Nevertheless, the record is clear.

As a matter of clarification, the FOP has suggested in previous contract negotiations a solution to the issue of comp time. We have suggested the city allow members to “sell back” their comp time hours each year, a benefit currently enjoyed by members of higher rank.

We look forward to upcoming negotiations with the city.