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President Graham’s Statement on the Department’s New Use of Force Policy Changes

Chicago, IL May 17, 2017—Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham issued the following statement about the Department’s Use of Force policy changes:

“We do not believe Chicago Police Officers engage in systemic excessive force, as the Department of Justice report alleges, and we are glad that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called into question such conclusions. Three Chicago Police Officers have been shot in the last two weeks. The reality is that many offenders do not want to go to jail and they become resistant or combative with officers. These violators determine the level of response by Officers. Police Officers throughout the city will point out that offenders, particularly gang members, are more combative and resistant to the police in the current anti-law enforcement climate within the city. For these reasons, we do not believe that extensive changes should made to the current Use of Force policy. Nevertheless, we are always willing to discuss new measures with the Superintendent that insure the safety of our officers and those of the public.