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FOP Wins Key Hearing On Body Cams and Discipline Matrix

FOP President Kevin Graham announced today that Lodge 7 won two key victories in the initial stages of complaints filed against the city, one involving the City’s unilateral expansion of the Body Worn Camera Pilot Program and the other over the City’s proposed CR Disciplinary Matrix.

In response to two separate Unfair Labor Practice Charges filed under the Angelo administration, the Illinois Labor Relations Board conducted a thorough investigation. Based on the evidence presented by the parties, the Board determined that an Administrative Law Judge will conduct a formal hearing to determine whether or not the City violated state labor laws when it unilaterally implemented two new polices and failed to negotiate them with the FOP.

The consolidated Complaint highlights the sentiment among the FOP that the City is taking unilateral measures on issues that should be negotiated through the collective bargaining agreement process.

Graham praised the decision.

“The bottom line is this. These issues will be negotiated with the City, not mandated unilaterally,” said Graham.  “We want our members to be treated fairly and the City to comply with its obligations under the law.”

The FOP also has requested injunctive relief, meaning that the Lodge is asking the Board to go into state court and get a judge to issue an order forcing the City to essentially “cease and desist” or stop the implementation of both policies.  However, the Labor Board has not made any decision whether it will pursue such a request.

No date has been set on when the formal hearing will take place.