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Closing Arguments Scheduled in Police Murder Trial

Closing arguments were expected tomorrow in the 2010 murder trial of Chicago Police Officer Dave Blake.

The FOP is requesting as many officers and other supporters attend the hearing.

Bernard Williams is accused of luring Blake into an alley on the south side and shooting the off-duty officer as part of a plot to then steal Blake’s guns from his home, according to the prosecution theory.

Blake, a member of SWAT who also played on the CPD football team, was an only child. Both his parents are deceased. Therefore, no family members have attended his trial.

According to evidence presented in the case, Blake had rescued the sister of Williams from a burning car several months before he was shot. He began dating the woman and befriended Williams, who hatched the plot to steal Blake’s guns.

The FOP is requesting that all Blake supporters sit on the prosecution side of the courtroom as a side of solidarity.