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FOP President Condemns City On Body Camera Roll Out

President Kevin Graham today condemned the City’s implementation of body cameras while the issue is still being contested with the State Labor Board.

“It is disappointing that the City of Chicago has decided to be proud of rolling out body cameras to all beat officers a year ahead of schedule. We have filed an Unfair Labor Practice over the impact of the cameras to our officers. In implementing this program while the issue is still being contested, the City has disregarded the contract, Labor law, and the concerns of Chicago officers,” Graham said.

“The Fraternal Order of Police was told that this was only a pilot program. As soon as we had the hearing for the Unfair Labor Practice, the city sped up their plans, so they could have the cameras in every district before the Labor Board had a chance to rule.

This matter needed to be brought to the negotiating table so that we could negotiate the terms and conditions by which the records are made, maintained, and made available to our members.


While our officers continue to work and negotiate professionally, the City of Chicago should do the same. While our officers will continue to work professionally in keeping the public safe, we are nevertheless very disappointed.”