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FOP Attacks Settlement in Englewood Four Case...

FOP Second Vice President Martin Preib addresses the Finance Committee of City Council for the proposed settlement of $30 million in the Englewood Four Case...

Update: Detective Speaks Out to Alderman

Retire CPD Sergeant Sends Message to Aldermen: 

Dear Alderman Osterman and Sposato,

I am one of the Detectives that was assigned to the Englewood 4. I have attached the testimony of Terrell Swift from his initial trial for your review. Please note how in his own words how the police treated him fine. Also please note how  his knowledge of the murder first appeared. I can also provide additional transcripts that show how his allegations of police misconduct escalate after meetings with civil attorneys. I can tell you with absolute certainty  that this settlement is a travesty of justice.  The police department cannot build relationships with the community when they are accused falsely. I submit to you that these settlements give the appearance of truth to these accusations and further erode the trust that our City desperately needs.  These allegations against me and the police are patently false. I can no longer stand by and watch this in silence.  

The reason I am sending this to both of you is based upon your comments cited in the media.

Kenny Boudreau