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New FOP Lawyer Scores Quick Victory

Just a few months after being approved by the Fraternal Order of Police, attorney Jim Thompson scored a big legal victory.

According to the Sun-Times, Superintendent Eddie Johnson dropped a case against a FOP member who is currently on disability and is being represented by attorney Jim Thompson of Gottreich, Grace and Thompson.

From the Sun-Times:

Johnson had filed disciplinary charges with the Chicago Police Board in January, seeking to fire Officer Clay T. Walker. Johnson said then that the officer had tested positive for a narcotic in January 2016 though he didn’t have a prescription for it.

 But lawyers for the city dismissed the case two weeks ago after Walker and his attorney James Thompson produced a prescription for the drug issued in November 2013.

The FOP Legal Defense Team retained Thompson, along with partner Tim Grace, in anticipation of having to handle increased cases against members from COPA, the new agency investigating allegations of police misconduct. They spoke at the FOP Board meeting on October 2, and outlined their extensive experience as defense attorneys and representing police officers.