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Will Lightfoot Allow Disastrous New Police Oversight Agency?

The proposed ordinance calls for the hiring of dozens of new officials in the City, would cost untold millions of dollars, and would place numerous limitations on who is eligible for election or appointment to the commission. While police officers are expressly disqualified from having a role, special allowances are made for “. . . people who have direct experience of police misconduct or have an immediate family member who has had direct experience of police misconduct.” Needless to say, you can see what direction this law is headed in.

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An Open Letter to the Sun-Times

While the FOP holds no expectation of fair coverage by the ideologically driven and morally challenged Sun-Times, a respect for a healthy press and common decency compels us to respond to your Friday article “Solidarity? Teachers Offered Better Deal than Chicago Cops, Police Union Says,” by Lauren Fitzpatrick and Nader Issa.

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FOP: Time for DOJ to Investigate Evidence of False Allegations Against Cops

Consider this: The city under the Rahm administration walked into federal court and agreed to a consent decree between the city and the state Attorney General Lisa Madigan alleging that the police routinely violate the constitutional rights of minorities. Now the city is marching into the very same federal court and alleging that its police officers are being falsely accused of violating the constitutional rights of minorities. 

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Will Supreme Court Slap Down Ludicrous Appeals Court Ruling?

If the appeal were to stand, it would effectively undermine detectives in their investigations. It also threatens to undermine convictions throughout the state by providing convicted offenders with a legal basis to challenge their convictions. Is there any doubt that Chicago’s powerful anti-police law firms that score millions of dollars claiming police misconduct and constitutional violations aren’t drooling at such a prospect? 

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