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General Counsel Exits For Prosecutor's Office

But questions are now surfacing about the legitimacy of the investigation by the City that paved the way for criminal charges in the first place. What is emerging in this investigation is powerful evidence that the City violated the civil rights of the officers by sacrificing the officers to the media frenzy generated around the shooting. And one wonders, where was the General Counsel of the police department during this public-frenzy sacrifice of the officers?

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FOP Attorneys Will Demand Special Prosecutor In Batteries Against Police

 In response to what the Fraternal Order of Police claims is a pattern and practice of Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx refusing to enforce the law and protect Chicago Police officers, the FOP Lodge 7 announced today it will demand a special prosecutor in any case in which the Foxx administration drops or reduces charges in cases where officers are the victims. 

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Kimberly Foxx: Prosecution or Revolution?

But the full measure of Foxx’s transformation of the prosecutor’s office—an office she won in a bitter election after receiving plentiful campaign donations from Far Left activist billionaire George Soros—may be her bizarre and suspicious ties to certain Chicago law firms specializing in vilifying and suing police officers. 

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Federal Prosecutors Do What Kimberly Foxx Won't: Enforce The Law

In yet another rebuke of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office under Kimberly Foxx, federal prosecutors announced yesterday three felony charges against a man who is accused of making social media threats to Jason Van Dyke and his family and calling for setting Navy Pier on fire and burning the offices of city aldermen. 

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