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In Chicago, Police Held Accountable, Not Journalists

How threatening it must be for Hinkel and the Tribune to finally have a police union pointing out just how badly the Tribune has covered an entire era of the criminal justice in Chicago. How threatening that the FOP will no longer cooperate with the newspaper until its writers begin to come clean on this massive amount of evidence. 

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FOP To Top Officials: Cease Improper COPA investigations Of Officer Involved Shootings

In the wake of an opinion letter from the executive director of a key state board declaring that the city’s civilian oversight board does not have authority to investigate officer-involved shootings, attorneys for the FOP have notified top Illinois officials that the agency is in violation of the law and threatened legal action. 

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Who Conspired?

In a hotly debated motion last week seeking to dismiss charges against former Detective David March, ex-officer Joseph Walsh, and Officer Thomas Gaffney in connection with the Laquan McDonald case, defense attorneys pushed the onus of conspiracy away from their clients and onto their accusers, including Special Prosecutor Patricia Holmes. 

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FOP On Stripping Officer In Stolen Car Case: No Way

This move by the BIA is troubling. Normally, the city’s civilian oversight agency, COPA, investigates officers’ use of force. But in this case, COPA did not complete an investigation of the incident and issued no findings. The city’s BIA took their own actions. In doing so, Sarli’s due process rights under the collective bargaining agreement were tossed aside as if they didn’t exist. 

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The Revolution Will Be Televised

By the end of the 1970s, the revolutionary fervor of groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers had fizzled out. But Dohrn and the PLO never went away; they merely changed tactics. They transformed themselves from revolutionary advocates into supposed civil rights crusaders. 

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FOP Attorney Threatens Defamation Action To CBS And Reporter

“So there is no misunderstanding, my client does not want to speak with you as she has little to no faith that any reporting that you do will not be slanted, taken out of context and one sided. The FOP and our members always defend the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, but said rights do not protect slanderous and libelous communication. I would suggest you speak with your legal counsel before you proceed. Chicago Police Officers deserve the same privacy and constitutional rights as all citizens,” Grace wrote in the letter. 

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