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FOP: Time for DOJ to Investigate Evidence of False Allegations Against Cops

Consider this: The city under the Rahm administration walked into federal court and agreed to a consent decree between the city and the state Attorney General Lisa Madigan alleging that the police routinely violate the constitutional rights of minorities. Now the city is marching into the very same federal court and alleging that its police officers are being falsely accused of violating the constitutional rights of minorities. 

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The Occasional Feminist?

Northwestern Letter Poses Tough Questions for Invisible Institute, Alison Flowers…

A letter sent by eight former Northwestern University students and two would-be employees to the school’s Medill School of Journalism claiming  “sexual harassment and assault” by a professor there got the media attention it was clearly aiming for.

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A Christmas Prayer...

This much: If there is one certainty in Chicago right now, one absolute truth, it is that there will be no further investigation into the Nicole Harris case by the local media whatsoever. Nothing. Reporters like Jason Meisner, Megan Crepeau, Dan Hinkel, Andy Grimm, Tim Novak, or anyone else in Chicago media will not get to the bottom of whether Nicole Harris strangled to death her own son, Jaquari Dancy.

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City Reform Deal Way Off The Mark

The program holds some elements that the FOP would clearly approve, like more equipment and more Field Training Officers. But these are incidental. They could be arrived at through negotiations. The other elements of the program are a collection of measures couched in academic and police accountability rhetoric that will inevitably result in more frivolous lawsuits against the police, good cops being fired and officers feeling less support to do their jobs.

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