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More Than Just Smollett Case Taints Foxx Administration

What is interesting about Solache and Reyes and other “Guevara” cases is that some of them also accuse prosecutors of wrongdoing in the federal lawsuits, not just the detectives who investigated the crimes. So in these Guevara cases where Foxx let the killers out, she is also exposing her own prosecutors to intense civil litigation that has a devastating impact on their reputations and careers. How, then, would you like to be a prosecutor in Cook County with Kimberly Foxx as your boss? 

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What Kim Foxx Won’t Do for Her Friends...

Which brings us to the other important side of Foxx’s friendships. One of Foxx’s most powerful allies are a cabal Chicago media activists. One function of these activists is to ignore the many scandals emerging in the Foxx administration, even scandals that make the Smollett case pale by comparison, like the exoneration of convicted killers and vacating convictions of ranking gang members that will allow them to remain in the country. Another function is the relentless vilification of the police.

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Despite Murder Of Police Officer, Foxx Gives Member Of Same Gang A Big Break

Why is Foxx doing this? Why would she make decisions that could allow a Spanish Cobra to remain in the city when it is painfully clear that Spanish Cobras hold life, particularly the lives of police officers, in such little regard? Why would she vacate old convictions against a gang member anyway? How is that the function of a prosecutor? 

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FOP Attorneys Will Demand Special Prosecutor In Batteries Against Police

 In response to what the Fraternal Order of Police claims is a pattern and practice of Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx refusing to enforce the law and protect Chicago Police officers, the FOP Lodge 7 announced today it will demand a special prosecutor in any case in which the Foxx administration drops or reduces charges in cases where officers are the victims. 

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Federal Prosecutors Do What Kimberly Foxx Won't: Enforce The Law

In yet another rebuke of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office under Kimberly Foxx, federal prosecutors announced yesterday three felony charges against a man who is accused of making social media threats to Jason Van Dyke and his family and calling for setting Navy Pier on fire and burning the offices of city aldermen. 

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