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Attorney Hints At False Witness Recantation In Guevara Trial

Attorney James Sotos, one of several attorneys representing detectives accused of framing Jacques Rivera of a 1988 gang slaying, pointed out during cross examination Thursday that prosecutors still fought Rivera’s innocence claim even after the central witness in the case retracted his statements nearly two decades after fingering Rivera for the murder.

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With Settlement, Tribune Narrative Officially Implodes...

For Chicago’s journalists like Jason Meisner, it was absolutely crucial not to label Alstory Simon a wrongfully convicted man in their stories on Friday, even though the journalists were announcing Simon had won a groundbreaking settlement from Northwestern University based on the claim that investigators at the school framed him for a double murder he did not commit.

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Meisner Meltdown?

But for a Chicago journalist, particularly from the Chicago Tribune, it’s not such a welcome task, because digging into these ever-expanding narratives also unburies one of the worst scandals in the history of Illinois journalism: the release of a multitude of convicted killers and rapists on claims of wrongful conviction that may very well have been false, engineered in part because the reporters and columnists who covered them didn’t do any real homework.

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Man Sentenced in Brutal Attack

From CWB, a blog covering crime in Chicago better than any other news outlet:


Police said Taylor, Towbridge, and Ruff decided to burglarize 77-year-old Joanne Signa’s home in the 3600 block of North Magnolia at random. It was just one of several burglaries the crew is suspected of committing in Wrigleyville and nearby Lakeview during the winter of 2015-2016.

After kicking in her rear door, the three confronted Signa in her bedroom and beat her until she lost consciousness, police said. Then they allegedly loaded her car with stolen goods and drove away.


Towbridge was on parole at the time for a weapons violation.



Time For Eric Zorn To Take The Stand?

By now it is a lot more than a small group of men who have a clear understanding of the devastation wrought upon the criminal justice system and its servants in the travesty of the Porter case. The reason is that Alvarez released Simon from prison in 2014. In doing so, she assailed the conduct of Protess and Ciolino. Later, Simon’s lawyers filed a $40 million lawsuit against Ciolino, Protess, and Northwestern University.

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Federal Officials Tired Of Being Out Foxxed?

In response, the Fraternal Order of Police has reached out to federal officials to keep them apprised of the case and take actions to prevent the men from remaining in the country. A few weeks ago, FOP President Kevin Graham traveled to Washington, DC, to meet with President Trump and a group of federal officials to discuss the issue of sanctuary cities.

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Four Time Killer Strikes Again...

News outlet, CWB Chicago, doing a great job of coverage on crime in Chicago:

An altercation between residents at the Lakeview YMCA in January culminated today with a 55-year-old man being charged with homicide in the death of his next-door-neighbor...

Arthur Cannon, 83, died on January 12, ten days after George Field battered him in Cannon’s room on the facility’s fourth floor at 3333 North Marshfield, according to prosecutors. This month, the Cook County Medical Examiner ruled Cannon’s death to be a homicide with contributing health factors including arteriosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to a post-mortem report.

Like spotting stuff like this:

In 1985, Field was found guilty on four counts of murder, two counts of aggravated battery, and one count of attempted murder in a bench trial overseen by now-deceased Cook County Judge Francis Mahon. Field was sentenced to 35-years on the murder and aggravated battery charges and 30-years on the attempted murder count, to be served concurrently. He was paroled in 2006.